At Sustech Integrated Services Limited our team of asset management specialists provides our clients with the clarity and focus required to meet fast-changing demands for our clients and regulators to address external risks, such as climate change.

This helps us provide information that enables our clients take timely investment and maintenance decisions about their assets. We also help infrastructure owners and operators achieve their strategic objectives by adding long-term value and optimizing performance by combining our skills in infrastructure planning, engineering, smart infrastructure, facilities management, and asset optimization with our global experience in project management, partnering, supervising, funding, and finance. Other key enablers include adaptive resilience, the processes to assure your business against natural and man-made hazards, and smart infrastructure, bringing together all the digital information about your assets. A coherent strategy underpins each of these pillars. It sets the long-term direction for your organization and the outcomes you wish to achieve.
We help in the management of pipelines, Barges, Platforms, Decks, Jacks and Storage tanks in accordance to the international acceptable standard and codes, without affecting the marine traffic.
Sustech Integrated Services carry out analysis required to identify prospects with possible potential of oil and gas both onshore and offshore and also has the capacity to lay HDPE Gas transmission pipeline system. It also provides the framework for forward-looking integrated planning, which focuses on incorporating risk-based decisions to deliver objectives effectively and efficiently. This supports the targeted delivery of capital and operational interventions on an efficient whole-life cost basis so you can proactively manage performance to required levels.