Sustech Integrated Services Limited provides an uncomplicated gas processing service for domestic producers, enabling monetization of their associated gas and tank battery vapors and addressing their flaring reduction goals.

At Sustech Integrated Services Limited we seek to understand our clients culture and create appropriate practices to fit your organizational needs, aligning our recommended structure, tools, and processes with your goals and resources to assist our clients all through the process of project evaluation from feasibility studies, engineering design, construction, commission and operations to achieve the success of the project which is delivered with excellence while we uphold the international safety standard. Our experienced construction management teams are always capable and ready to handle complex projects to yield results on time and on budget. We bring in our best application using the latest technological innovations to ensure detailed understanding of requirements of all proposed project as we work with other integrated members of the project to achieve the desired goal of our clients.

Our construction management team upholds our integrity as we carry out our task by having concise appropriate project management tools tailored to meet the needs of our particular client and accurate information to support decision making. Our experienced project management team provides tailored services for building, education, transport, energy, oil and gas, water and healthcare projects.

We identify and manage situations by providing the right level of control to address complexity, risk, and conflicting priorities and resources. We establish a control framework that divides the program into manageable component for effective commercial and cost management using proactive, flexible approach to cost management which allows us to manage the team and react to and embrace changes that may arise throughout the design and construction phases of a project.